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Hedding Camp Meeting Questions:  Mark 1:14-20, Wednesday 8/5

1.  Describe a time in which someone spoke powerful words to you. 


2.  What is the 'kingdom of God?'


3.  Jesus' kingdom call pulled the disciples from their former life to a life that centered around Jesus.  How has answering the kingdom call centered your life around Jesus?  How can you build His kingdom more in your life and in your sphere of influence?  


Answer the kingdom call and make Him Lord of all.  He'll change the direction of your life...for eternity.  

Hedding Camp Meeting Questions:  Mark 1:9-13, Tuesday 8/4

1.  John looks forward to 'the powerful' one (v.7).  Then Jesus steps onto the scene.  Mark tells us he's from Nazareth.  Why is this information significant?


2.  Read verses 10-11.  What is the significance behind the three details regarding Jesus' baptism:  heaven is 'torn;' the Spirit descends like a dove; God speaks (Psalm 2:7 and Is. 42:1)


3.  What happens in the 'wilderness?'


4.  Why does Mark mention the 'wild animals' in the wilderness?


5.  Mark says that '...angels attended' Jesus.  How have you experienced the resources of heaven in your wilderness?


God is doing something new in the most unexpected places.  He's at work in the wilderness.

Hedding Camp Meeting Questions:  Philippians 4:2-7, Monday 8/3

1.  Describe your level of conflict:  inner, personal, extra-personal (institution/nature).  Is your 'plot' complicated or complex?


2.  Whom do you think God is calling you to be more gentle toward?


3.  Are you a good model of a joyful Christian?  


4.  Do you ever feel as if you are carrying around the weight of your sin?  If so, ask God to take it from you.  Thank him for doing so and ask him to fill you with His joy and His peace that transcends all understanding.  


5.  Why does Paul use a military image to describe peace:  '...and the peace of God will guard (garrison) your hearts in Christ Jesus...'  How does that make you feel?


Conflict causes anxiety, but prayer promises peace.  That's a promise.  Not a perhaps.

Hedding Camp Meeting Questions:  Philippians 1:1-2, Sunday 8/2

1.  What is the story/significance behind your name?


2.  As a servant/slave of Jesus Christ, you belong to Him and you freely serve others.  Describe some of the ways in which you serve others on a daily or routine basis.  How does knowing that you belong to Jesus make a difference in the way you serve?


3.  Describe at least one specific way in which you are God's holy person in your particular context.


3.  Discuss (or write about) at time in your life in which you were the bird in the the midst of chaos, yet still at peace.  


4.  How are you saying hello today?  What would you write on your nametag?  These two verses remind us that Jesus changes everything.  Even how we say hello.




Mark 2:1-12

1.  Think of a time when you've brought a friend to Jesus.  What obstacles did that friend face?


2.  Desribe a time in your life when a friend brought you to Jesus.  What obstacles did you face in getting to Jesus?


3.  What happens in a person's life when Jesus says, "Your sins are forgiven?"


4.  Citizens in God's kingdom are forgiven people.  In what practical way can you bring God's kingdom into your home, your work, your neighborhood, your sphere of influence?



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